HomeTeamNS Strongman Challenge 2014: Strength on Sand

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22-year-old Tan Bin Soon claims the title of Singapore’s strongest man after emerging top in a pool of 10 finalists at the HomeTeamNS Strongman Challenge 2014

Tan Bin Soon took on the Red Rhino Pull at the HomeTeamNS Strongman Challenge 2014
Strongest: Tan Bin Soon wrestling with the Red Rhino, the last challenge for the strongman individual event. The 22-year-old emerged the winner after five event challenges. Photo: Singapore Sports Stories
SENTOSA, Singapore – In a first, the annual HomeTeamNS Strongman Challenge brought the action to the beaches as the strongest men in Singapore gathered at Siloso Beach on 6 September 2014 to vie for the title of Singapore’s strongest.

With chalk smeared hands and sand stained shoes, the strongman took to the sands to flip, lift, and heave heavy loads in front of a raucous crowd. The event promised a spectacle of strength and it delivered. Participants took on five event challenges – Tyre Flip, Atlas Stone Lift, Log Walk, Car Deadlift, and the Red Rhino Pull which featured Singapore’s unique firefighting vehicle. The man who rose above all in the Open Strongman Individual category was 22-year-old Tan Bin Soon. The NUS student claimed the crown after he racked up the most points at the end of the five challenge events. Coming into the competition, Mr Tan said that he was slightly nervous and excited. “It was tough; I tried to imitate the events during trainings, like for the tyre flip,” he said. He was training up to five times a week in the lead up to this competition.

The strongman racked up 25.5 points and managed to deadlift the 1.6 tonne police car five times in the Car Deadlift event en route to winning. “I think through the challenges. I did visualisation to prepare so that when I come here, I carry it out,” said Mr Tan. It worked for Mr Tan, as he triumphed in his third outing of the HomeTeamNS Strongman Challenge, bringing home $6000 worth of prizes. “I feel happy to conclude another training season. It was tough juggling school and training so having completed and done my best, that’s the main thing.”  

A strongman hauling a 50kg log at HomeTeamNS Strongman Challenge 2014 as part of the team challenge
Team Titans: The HomeTeamNS Strongman Challenge also included team challenges where pairs will team up to compete in three challenges - Tyre Flip, Log Walk, and Circuit. Photo: Singapore Sports Stories
In the tag-team opens, SG Titans (SP) 3 took home the title after the pair combined strengths to score the highest for three challenge events.

Organised by HomeTeamNS, the challenge was first held in 2005 as a means to promote physical strength. “One of the competencies of a man is physical strength, so we want to promote that.” said Mr Derek Ong, who was part of the organising committee for the challenge. Ms Christine Pang, Senior Manager of Operations and Engagement at HomeTeamNS, shared that the decision to hold the competition at the beach was a bid to draw more youths. “This is a venue for the young. It (Sentosa) is also a place the SCDF and police frequent. We also have new events like the Fitness Model segment so it suited the beach theme.” said Ms Pang.

Zarol Nizam Alifiyan came to Singapore to compete in the HomeTeamNS Strongman Challenge 2014
Youth: 18-year-old Zarol Nizam Alifiyan from Malaysia crossed the border to compete. The youngster, sponsored by his gym, QLS fitness, impressed with a strong third place finish. Photo: Singapore Sports Stories
Besides the challenge, the event had engaging activities and booths which gave the public a chance to get in on the strength act. Besides the supplement booths and a massage booth, the public was welcomed to test their brawns on the Barrel Lift Challenge or test themselves on rowing and cycling machines at the Fitness Workz booth.

There was also time for the traditional tug-of-war challenge and Team Jaguars, a team of firefighters, won the HomeTeamNS category. The firefighters came together and pulled their way to the top. Muhammad Radi, 24, Rota Commander and the front man of the team attributed technique to their victory. “When we are preparing for the first pull, we dug our legs in (the sand) as the first pull is important where we could get pulled over by the other team.” he said. “We focused on our technique, stance and explosive power (during trainings).” On stage, a Fitness Model segment continued the theme of fitness in this year’s edition.

Benny Chew from Singapore strongman community, SG Titans, finished fourth at the HomeTeamNS Strongman Challenge 2014
Deadlifts: The strongman lifted a 1.6 tonne police car in the Car Deadlift event as part of the challenge. Competitors are scored according to the repetitions in a minute. Benny Chew (pictured) managed several repetitions and finished fourth overall. Photo: Singapore Sports Stories
Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Senior Minister of State for Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs and President of HomeTeamNS, graced the event and handed prizes to the winners, concluding HomeTeamNS Strongman Challenge 2014. 

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